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Hongli Electric Co.,Ltd
would like to see you at the 2024 AHR Expo!
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HLC Series Definite purpose contactor

HLC Series Definite purpose contactors provide high performance with flexibility and reliability and are designed to match numerous applications. They are ideal for resistive heating, for motors and compressors in air conditioning and refrigeration, as well as for food service equipment.

Product benefits
Wide current range (from 20 A up to 90 A up to 600 V AC) Flexible sizes: compact 1 and 2 pole contactors and full size 2, 3, and 4-pole devices

Various contact configuration from one pole up to four poles Industry standard mounting plate provides easily accessible mounting holes

Product features
UL,TUV,CE,CCC certified,ROHS. Coil is class B (130° C) insulation system with a wide range of voltages and 50/60 Hz ratings Double E magnet assembly provides optimal performance with reduced power consumption

Snap-in auxiliary switch with one SPDT or two SPDT contacts available as an option

HLR3800 Series Potential Relay

HLR3800 Series Potential type Motor starting relay single-phase motor (compressor) the starting relay mainly uses in exchanging 50/60HZ, the voltage to the 400V control circuit and the nominal current to the 16A power circuit, through starts the electric capacity, the starting single-phase motor (compressor). Is suitable in the air conditioning, the refrigerator and so on industry machine electric appliance equipment and so on domestic electric appliances and water pump.

HD1 Series STARTING CONTROL BOX FOR SINGLE-PHASE MOTOR STARTING CONTROL BOX FOR SINGLE-PHASE MOTOR HD1 Series is mainly used for starting of single-phase motor (compressor), suitable for AC 50/60 HZ,voltage to 400 V control circuit and the power line with the rated cuttent to 16 A. Start the single-phase motor (compressor) by starting capacitor. Can be used for air conditioning, refrigerator, household applicances. pumps and other industrial euipments etc.

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