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About Us

Hongli Electric Co., Ltd. has been a professional manufacturer of contactors, AC contactors, DP contactors, light contactors, magnetic contactors, power relays, potential relays, switching relays and transformers, disconnect boxes, enclosure boxes, whips, and Master Distributor of HVAC-R products in China. Over 200 kinds of main products as above are approved by UL, CSA, VDE, TUV, CCC, CE, and RoHS. With abundant experiences and excellent reputation over the past 20 years, Hongli Electric has become one of the most reliable suppliers of HVAC-R products for worldwide customers.

By choosing Hongli Electric Co., Ltd as your supplier, you are aligning yourself with a company possessing the experience necessary to produce a custom product with the high quality you require at a competitive price. The catalog pages included on this website are merely an illustration of the many products and solutions Hongli Electric is capable of providing. Should you not see the product or process you are looking for, please contact us and we will be pleased to review our capabilities with you. Need more details? Please check our full documentation for detailed information on how to use Hongli.

Hongli Electric

Products and Services

HLC Series Definite purpose contactors provide high performance with flexibility and reliability and are designed to match numerous applications. They are ideal for resistive heating, for motors and compressors in air conditioning and refrigeration, as well as for food service equipment.
Product benefits
Wide current range (from 20 A up to 90 A up to 600 V AC)
Flexible sizes: compact 1 and 2 pole contactors and full size 2, 3, and 4-pole devices
Various contact configuration from one pole up to four poles
Industry standard mounting plate provides easily accessible mounting holes
Product features
UL,TUV,CE,CCC certified,ROHS.
Coil is class B (130° C) insulation system with a wide range of voltages and 50/60 Hz ratings
Double E magnet assembly provides optimal performance with reduced power consumption
Snap-in auxiliary switch with one SPDT or two SPDT contacts available as an option 

HLC Series Definite purpose contactors

HLR3800 Series Potential Relay


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